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Outstanding Craft Selection for Your Kids

Crafting and creating art isn't just for adults. Encourage your children to walk away from video games and television. Engage them in activities that stimulate their minds, boost their imagination, and allow them to express their own view.

Give your children specially-designed crafts and projects. Visit Ben Franklin Crafts today. We are located at 309 Chestnut Street.

Introduce older children to time-honored techniques that allow them to craft and create. Visit our sewing / quilting and yarn shoppe pages to find out about our high-quality supplies.

Your Search for Fun and Exciting Projects 
Ends With Us

  • Puzzles
  • Model kits
  • Testors model paints and supplies
  • Engraving arts
  • Kids' craft foamies
  • General craft kits
  • Woodcrafts
  • Pom poms
  • Pony beads

Let Us Help You Make Everlasting Memories

Preserve the memories you are making by creating crafts and projects with your children with scrapbooking. Make beautiful layouts you can look back on and reminisce for years to come.
Get expert advice for introducing your kids to arts and crafts. Call us at
Kids Crafts
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